Majestic Groups for Kitchen Improvements.Majestic Groups (MG) was created in 2011. Our key members and staff have been experienced in the wholesale cabinetry industry for over a decade. Our subsidiaries include Majestic Elite (ME) which represents our premiere hand stained finish line of kitchen and bath cabinetry and Infinox, our stainless steel sink product line division. As part of the pioneering era of the affordable cabinet industry Majestic Groups and its staff can provide the utmost expertise of the industry for these products along with the convenience of readily available stocked quality cabinets. We also welcome custom orders with a 10 unit minimum, with as little as 60 days* delivery time for those projects that require a more specialized unique design.

*Please note: All custom orders vary in delivery time from 45-90 days after door sample approval by client.

Majestic Groups (MG) is here to assist our developers, contractors, architects and designers with a select choice of cabinets to help increase their sales volume and more importantly to establish "true value" of each and every unit they develop. In a challenging economy, we understand that one of the utmost priorities of our clients is to be able to purchase the right units at the right price, with the quality and design needed for today's market. At ME we strive to be more than a supplier, our clients are our partners and deserve the highest standards of service. Majestic Elite is here to provide this service along with unbeatable value to meet every project budget.